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Iíve always considered myself very fortunate to be able to actually make a living doing what I love. To sing and play music with my friends and share it with others around the world is something many dream about but few get to experience. My heartfelt thanks to all of you that have supported my music through the years and made this dream possible.

Back In The Saddle and In From The Cold

Just got in from the cold. 20 days of touring with the NGDB in western Canada. A few snowstorms, one tour bus breakdown and two outdoor shows in 40 degree temperatures just east of Vancouver will do that to you. The promoter was taking that global warming stuff too seriously I think. The crowds in western Canada are always so enthusiastic and appreciative. They seem to know what a schlep it is to get up there and travel around to play music for them. We did a few new tunes from the new CD "Speed Of Life" in the shows. It's always such a blast doing new material.

Had the pleasure of playing some shows last year with friends Poco, Firefall and Chris Hilman's Dessert Rose Band. Festivals are always a great way to catch up with old musical cohorts and get a chance to jam at the end of the sets. To check the tour schedule visit NittyGritty.com. Hope to see you out on the road this year.

Just finished up recording a new CD with the Dirt guys. Soon to be released "Speed of Life" was recorded over the last year in Nashville at George Massenberg's "Room Without Walls" in the Blackbird Studio Complex.  George, who we have always wanted the chance to work with, engineered and produced along with our buddy Jon Randall.  George's credits and awards for records he's done (Linda Ronstadt, Lyle Lovett, Little Feat, etc) and sound recording and software design is too long to list here. I encourage you to Google him and the Studio and check it out.  Jon is a Grammy Award winning songwriter, recording artist and a great picker and singer (Earl Scruggs, Emmylou Harris bands) and sat in with us on some of the tracks. How lucky am I to work with these folks?

We tried to flesh out the sessions and record as much as the music as we could live, including the lead vocals.

More details soon on the NGDB web site.

I got a chance during the process to get back in touch and write with my old partner Tom Kell as well as long time co-writer Jeff Hanna and new co-writers John McEuen and Phil Soussan. Each has his own style, in this case folk, country, bluegrass and rock (Phil wrote and played with Ozzie). This kept the song writing process challenging at times but contributed to the uniqueness of the songs and the satisfaction of being able to blend the genres into a finished piece of music.

It's always a mystery as to what songs will come together just right in the studio and then fit into the fabric of the CD. You just have to write as much as you can and then see which songs catch the ear of the band and producers.


I've been going through my archives lately, transferring DAT tapes of demos onto CDs. I stumbled upon this gem from our former President, Bush Sr. It's a recording made during one of his stump speeches in New Hampshire in January 1992. At the time, he was taking the medication Halcion for some non-specific condition. George was a big fan of the song "Stand A Little Rain" which I sang for the Dirt Band in the 1980s. Explaining to the crowd that they could use the song's lyrics "If you ever want to see a rainbow you have to stand a little rain"  to bring hope to their plight in N.H., he had a real problem pronouncing the name of the band in his clouded state of mind. The following was his best attempt....Click to listen.  Needless to say, the newspapers had a lot of fun with it....Bush Cartoon.pdf.  And my friend Richie Furay wrote a song with Scoot Sellen for about it for the band... Furay Bush Song.pdf

For those of you who came out to the shows this year, it was a pleasure to play for you again and say hi from time to time. 

Thanks for your support.

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